Artie White
Artie White
Warm Room 
I Need Someone
Barbara Carr
Messin' With My Mind 
Good Woman Go Bad 
Not A Word
Barbara Lynn
Movin' On A Groove 
He Ain't Gonna Do Right
You Don't Sleep At Night
(Until Then) I'll Suffer
Bill Coday
Get Your Lie Straight 
You're Gonna Want Me
When You Find A Fool Bump His Head
A Woman Rules The World
Bobby McClure
Cherry Pie 
When The Flavor's Gone
Do Do Do Doop (Please Come Back)
Please Don't Put Me Out Of The Band
Bobby Powell
Our Love 
C.C. Rider 
In Time 
Into My Own Thing 
Cry To Me
Brighter Side Of Darkness
Love Jones 
I Owe You Love 
I'm A Loser
Something To Remember You By 
I'm The Guy
Carl Sims
Seventeen Days Of Loving 
Shot To The Curb 
I'm Trapped
End Of The Rainbow
Clarence Carter
What Was I Supposed To Do 
You're Messin' With My Mind
Slip Away Again 
I Was In The Neighborhood
I Couldn't Refuse
Clay Hammond
Take Your Time
I'm Gonna Be Sweeter 
You've Got Me Tamed
Heaven And Earth
If It Was Me 
Nature's Miracle 
I'll Always Love You
Ike & Tina Turner
I Can't Believe What You Say
I Don't Need 
Gonna Have Fun
Hard Times 
Goodbye, So Long 
All In My Mind
Am I Fool In Love
Stop The Wedding/Please,Please, Please
You Don't Love Me No More
I Can't Stop Loving You
You Should Have Treated Me Right
The J.B.'s Reunion
Born To Groove
Bring The Funk On Down 
Do The Doo
There's A Price To Pay To Live In Paradise 
Up On 45 (Part 1)
Johnnie Taylor
Heaven Bless This Home 
I Want You Back Again
Stop Half-Loving These Women 
Never My Love
Please Don't Stop The Music
Lee "Shot" Williams
Checking Out
Little Johnny Taylor
My Special Rose 
True Lovin' 
When Are You Coming Home
Just One More Chance To Be With You
Lonnie & Floyd
You Got To Feel It
Roscoe Robinson
Yesterday Is Gone (Tomorrow Is Too Late) 
Let Me Be Myself
Trust Me 
We're Losing It Baby 
Life Is Like A Mountain Railroad
Solomon Burke
Letter From My Darling
Don't Deceive Me 
Pledging My Love
Lonesome Highway 
Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
Medley: If You Need Me, Tonight's The Night, I Almost Lost My Mind
Cry To Me 
Ain't Nobody's Business 
Down In The Valley
Ted Taylor
It's A Funky Situation  
Only The Lonely Knows
Something Strange Is Going On In My House
Make Up For Lost Time 
She's Got A Munchy Tunchy
The Ikettes
Fine, Fine, Fine 
I'm So Thankful 
(Never More) Lonely For You
Peaches 'N' Cream
The Meditation Singers
A Change Is Gonna Come
The Montclairs
Prelude To A Heartbreak 
Dreaming's Out Of Season
Just Can't Get Away 
Beggin' Is Hard To Do
Hung Up On Your Love 
Make Up For Lost Time
Tommie Young
Do You Still Feel The Same Way 
You Came Just In Time
She Don't Have To See You (To See Through You)
You Can Only Do Wrong So Long 
Hit And Run Lover
Z.Z. Hill
Someone To Love Me 
You Just Cheat And Lie
Everybody Needs Somebody 
You Don't Love Me
Please Take Me Back
Nothing Can Change The Love I Have For You
You Send Me 
Have Mercy Someone
Bobby Patterson
How Do You Spell Love? 
This Whole Funky World Is A Ghetto
I Get My Groove From You 
I'm In The Wrong
Everything Good To You (Don't Have To Be Good For You)
Take Time To Know The Truth
Cicero Blake
School Of Life
Etta James
Hickory Dickory Dock 
You Know What I Mean
Patterson Twins
Looking For A Lover 
Back In Love Again 
To Be Lonely
Come To Me 
If I Ever Got You Back
Syl Johnson
Love To See You Dance 
Ms. Fine Brown Frame 
Money Scream 
Goodie Goodie Good Times 
Can't Nobody Stop Me Now
L.C. Cooke
Do You Wanna Dance 
I'll Wait For You
Ted & Little Johnny Taylor
Funky Ghetto 
Pretending Love
Vernon Garrett
If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time
Going To My Baby's Place 
I Learned My Lesson
Running Out 
Slow And Easy
The Wallace Brothers
I Need Someone 
Airborne Shuffle 
I Stayed Away Too Long
My Baby's Gone 
Woman, Hang Your Head In Shame
The Iketts featuring Vanetta Fields
Give Me A Chance (Try Me)
Willie Rogers
That's When I'll Stop Loving You
Tennessee Waltz
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